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How to Apply Magnetic Liner

Step 1 - Preparation

  1. Make sure your eyelids are clean and oil free.
  2. If needed, trim your magnetic lashes into segment pieces for it to fit your eye frame.
  3. If you wish to wear mascara, apply them on your natural lashes prior to putting on magnetic lashes to help prolong your wears. If applying mascara on magnetic lashes, please use an oil free mascara.

Step 2 - Liner Application

  1. Shake your Magnetic Eyeliner well before use.
  2. Wipe excess eyeliner from the applicator.
  3. Apply a layer of magnetic eyeliner to your lash line and allow it to dry completely. Make sure to apply an even coat across the entire area where the lashes will sit. If you have hooded eyes it is best to close your eyes during the drying process.
  4. Dry test: Pat your finger on your eye line to see if any eyeliner comes off.